Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

Bill Clark Biography and Photo Album

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Bill Clark Highlights:

*World Champion Powerlifter

*Multi World Record Holder

*International Olympic Weightlifting Champion and Medalist

*Featured on ESPN

*Featured on Guinness Book of World Records Social Media and TV

*Featured on National and International TV Talk Shows

*World Record Holder in Strongman Events

*Featured in Magazines, Newspapers, and on TV

*Motivational Speaker

*Business Owner

*Published Author

*Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

*Teaches College Level Psychology Course

*Has Spoken at Schools, Events, and to Politicians

*Certified Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor

*Developed Reality Based System of Self Defense




Bill Clark has been involved in strength sports for nearly 40 years, and has climbed to incredible heights.  Bill is a former international medalist and champion in Olympic Weightlifting, a state, national, and world record holder and champion in Powerlifting, and was coached by legendary figures Don Reinhoudt, Dick Smith, Leo Totten, Larry Bucchioni, and Joe Gazdik.  Clark was selected to the US National Squad (under 23 at age 18),  and subsequently  spent several periods of years at both Olympic Training Centers in Lake Placid and Colorado Springs.  Bill also lifted for the York Barbell Club, and routinely trained there as well.  Bill, at age 20, decided to make the move to Powerlifting, where he would eventually become state, national, and world champion.  Bill Clark has set world records in all three Powerlifts, and has also accomplished the same in a variety of strongman lifts, such as the Reverse Grip Curl, One Handed Deadlift, and even set the Guiness world standard for tearing two full decks of playing cards in the shortest time!  In fact, Bill Clark is one of only several strength athletes ever to be both an international medalist in Olympic Weightlifting and a World Champion in Powerlifting. Bill has been taught the same system of visualization and mind control, via the Olympic and Regional Training Centers, that other elite athletes and special forces use.  In fact, Bill, in part, credits his mental approach for much of the success that he has attained.  Bill Clark is a member of the  Strength and Power Hall of Fame, and is, additionally, a nationally certified coach.  Bill conducts seminars, does motivational speaking, and engages in strength exhibitions where he bends steel bars, motorcycle parts, steel spikes, tears decks of cards, rolls up Paula Dean frying pans, and other things of the like!  Bill is now a published author and donates much of his time to a variety of charities and organizations.   Bill's primary goal is to serve Jesus Christ by being a source of strength to all in the community, nation, and world!


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