Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

Motivational Three

The voice of the quitter will never take you down the road of prosperity and accomplishment


Never quit on something worth going to battle for, even if the temporary result is not what was intended.  It can be used to propel you on the path to greatness.  The character that is developed during disapointments is its own reward!


Failure is only as such when he or she chooses not to learn from it!


You can either fight for what you want now, or fight against what you don't want later!


It is during the tough moments of life that you develop strength, courage, and your character.


Don't wish for things to get better, wish to become stronger.


Do not allow your circumstances to control your dreams


Many people fail doing something they hate, so you may as well do your very best at something you love!


Many people choose their course out of fear, not out of love


Opportunities often have very short life spans.  Go after them now, because they may be closed tomorrow.


There are very few guarantees in life, but here is one:  If you do not take action, there will be no positive oitcome!


Failure is not a step backward, unless you choose to see it thay way!


Do not give up during the tough times!  The very disturbance that is challenging you will also be your deliverance.  Learn to recognize your weaknesses, because it is by targeting and training them that you will become stronger.  


I was asked on a radio program one time, "In terms of your career, what are you most thankful for?"  I relied, "Past failures!"


There are two psychological lessons that I would like to share.  One; do not get distracted from your purpose, because there are many people out there that would love to see you fail.  I will not waste my time  attempting to figure out why they would wish this, because the minute that I delve into it, they accomplish their mission.  The second is not to surround yourself with those who will try to pull you down.  It takes increased energy and concentration to stop people from throwing you off your game.  You can save yourself a lot of effort by removing yourself from the situation.  Here is a quick story to illustrate the point.  My goal as a Powerlifter was to lift as much weight as I possibly could.  In line with that goal and at a competition, anything else that did not serve that purpose was a distraction.  I carried that mentality to my training, as well.  Without going into great technical detail and one day at a fitness gym in the area, I was close grip bench pressing, a movement that I used to rely on for the finishing push of the competitive lift.  Because it was close grip, I was using substantially less weight than typical, and, in addition, I was engaged in a preload, or conditioning, cycle, which meant that I was not scheduled to lift big weights for that period of time, anyway.  A fitness trainer approached and challenged me to bench 450, "Right now."  For a number of reasons, and despite his doubting and arrogant approach, I declined.  Why?  I had no desire to allow him, or anyone else for that matter, to manipulate me into doing something, in weightlifting, or otherwise, that would distarct me from my inended goal(s).  If I humor his foolish request, I, in the worst case scenario, get injured, and in the best case scenario, throw off my training cycle by doing something that I was not scheduled to do.  Even pride can be a disraction from your goal, so be disciplined and maintain control of yourself.  Never hand your potential success over to someone who would wish you harm.   The second lesson is to surround yourself with those that will help move you on your path to victory.  Anyone else is both a waste of time, as well as counterproductive!


*Happiness is not contained in what you get.  Happiness is contained in what you are becoming 


*Joy is found in progress!  However, progress becomes a statistical impossibilty if you quit!


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