Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

Motivation Two


Motivation 2


Plenty of people fail everyday at things  they hate, and then regret not pursuing something better.  This should be all the reason you need to go and get what you love!  At the very least, you will have failed at something you enjoy, which really isn’t failing!


The thing that you want to do the least is probably the most important.  Don’t allow your muscle memory and central nervous system to be trained to avoid doing what’s right and beneficial.


A weak desire will not produce exceptional results!


There are two voices inside you.  One is loud, obnoxious, negative, and tells you that it can’t be done.  The other is very quiet, because true confidence need not be boisterous.  None the less, it is positive and strong!  Make the choice to turn the positive voice up!


Being happy is a decision.  You can not always control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them!


Every time you complain, you are putting your weaknesses on display!  


Calling attention to a problem is different than complaining.  What’s the difference?  What you do after….action!!!!!


Champions feel stress too, but they handle it differently!  Confident…Calm…Strategic


This is a 50/50 world— 50% giving and 50% receiving.  To be a champion, however, the giving must precede the receiving.  The prizes come at the end, not at the beginning….hard work must come before the reward!


What are you doing with the time that you have while you are awake?


The pain of effort quickly fades with a positive result!  The pain of regret may last a lifetime, and, most likely, has no positive result!


Beethoven was deaf, but it didn’t stop him from writing over 20 symphonies!


From small things, one day big things come!


Little successes lead to bigger successes.  Champions are built over years, one little success at a time.


Do the small things well.  Those little things that seem so insignificant, must be done to perfection over and over!  The big things will  come!


Bad leaders use those under them to make themselves look better!  Great leaders put those under them, above!


Character and strength are built during the tough times.  I’m not saying that you should enjoy some of these periods, but you do need to remind yourself, during them, of two things:  One; better days are coming, and two; surviving will make you better than you were before!


The true prize lies not in the trophy, but in the journey!


A multi world record holder was asked, “Of all the competitions and glory, if you could relive any day again, which would you pick?  The champion answered, “My first day of training!”  The journey is filled with hidden treasure!


Grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. It is greener wherever you water it!


Courage and fear both need faith.  Fear is the faith that something will go badly.  Courage is the faith that something will go well!


Not only should you love your enemies, you should be thankful for them, too.  They, with an applied positive attitude, will bring out your best.


To become something great, you must first see it in your own mind!


You will become tomorrow, what you believe you are, today!


Your goal should not be to neceessarily beat your opponent.  Your goal should be to beat your old personal record.  Beating your opponent takes care of itself!


Sometimes, the best solution is to be tougher than the problem!


At every crossroad of life, two voices compete for your will.  One is the champion's, and it tells you to move forward and win.  The other is the voice of negativity, and it tells you to quit.  Listening to, and following, the champion's voice is a decision.


Decision's and goals, without action,are nothing more than pretty dreams!


It is within life's difficulties that one's legacy becomes defined!


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