Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

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Here you will find quotes, interviews, and other things of the like with the hope you be inspired!  Some of these are mine, but many are not.  I can't even properly cite most of these.  However, the following list will help to give credit to those deserving:  The Lord, Jesus Christ!  TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Jim Carry, Charles Stanley, Les Brown, Larry Bucchioni,






*The best way to become number two, when you’re already at number one, is to assume that you will always be there!


*Great lives are made up of great years, and great years are made up of great months, and so on down the line.  In other words, great lives are made up of great details!  Be happy, be positive, be of faith, be kind, be a source of strength to those in need, and, when you’re old, you’ll look back and realize that you had a great life!


*If you plan on being exceptional, you’re lifestyle had better be exceptional!


*Allow the fear of future failure to propel you to action today!


*Allow the fear of future regret to move you to action today!


*Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of not trying!


*Many people are afraid to try because they are fearful that they won’t be perfect.  Perfection is a lie, but excellence, through sacrifice and hard work, is very attainable!


*People usually don’t fail because they aimed too high and missed, but many people fail because they aimed too low and hit the bullseye!


*Neither failure or success magically show up.  They are both earned!


*Someday is not on the calendar


*Don’t just live a life, design a life!


*Success is a habit!


  • One dejected coach said to the other, “You know, you can’t care more than the players.”  The positive coach replied, “Then how am I going to lead by example?”


*Happiness is in the heart and mind, not in the circumstances!


*Everytime that you make a promise to yourself, to train, to complete an assignment, to visit the sick, or whatever, and you follow through, you are reinforcing the qualities that make a champion!  The inverse is also the case, so be true to your convictions and word!


*There are always at least two doors to enter.  One is the door of fear, and the other is the door optimism and faith!


*It’s not just trying hard, it’s trying hard the right way!  An elephant can smash through a brick wall, but he can’t dig under it.  The mouse can dig under the wall, but he can’t smash through it.  To get to the other side, both the mouse and the elephant must apply the correct amount of effort and strategy!


*The amount of applied strategic effort is directly related to the outcome!


*Before you can defeat the enemy outside, you must defeat the enemy inside!


*Fear is false evidence appearing to be real!


*People of success think a lot less about what could go wrong, and a lot more on what could go right!


*Every blessing involves a price.  Attaining success is stressful, so your brain, attempting to avoid the attached difficulty, will lie to you.  This helps to explain why so few people will readily pay the price for success.  What they fail to realize is that there are fundamental psychological and physiological differences between good, productive stresses and negative stresses.  Do not let hard work deter you from pursuing your goal(s)!


*Tomorrow is not promised to you, so you had better chase your dreams today!  Act as though you will be remembered for what you did today, because you probably will be!


*Although fear is an emotion, it is based on thoughts, and thoughts can be changed!


*Without action, positive thinking is nothing more than a dream!


*The game provides the opportunity to be great, but preparation provides the way to get there!


*Champions are people that publicly get rewarded for what they have been doing in private for years!


*Don’t change your values and standards to make someone else happy.  However, if you’re acting like a jerk because of your values and standards, then change might be the best thing for you!


*Who you hang around, what you watch, and what you listen to will determine the type of person you become.  Be careful about what you allow into your mind!


  • In today’s world, nearly everyone has the power to choose his or her culture.  How is your chosen culture working for you?


*The best way to beat death is not by necessarily living longer,  but by living better!


*Someone can live to be 100, and still have died very young!


*Champions are not born, they are built!

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