Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

Commemorative photo of World Champion, Bill Clark!



Bill Clark has Bench Pressed over 500 pounds!  Correct mechanics in the Bench Press can help one to maximize his/her effort.  



Bill Clark is not only a world champion and world record holder in powerlifting, he was also an international olympic weightlifting medalist!  Learn to perform the clean in a way that minimizes risks, and maximizes efforts!



Strongman training and assistance work is vitally important for athletes of all kinds!  Learn to perform what will move you further on the path to greatness!



The Deadlift may be the king of the strength movements!  Bill Clark has Deadlifted over 700 pounds.  Learn  to Deadlift safely and effectively!



Need a lift?  Visit the motivation pages!



Bill Clark Mentally Preparing for a World Record One-Handed Deadlift

Bill Clark's 411 Pound One-Handed Deadlift

Learn to Power Squat safely and effectively!  I can promise you that there is much more to the movement than what meets the eye!  Learn to squat safely, effectively, and optimally!



Learn why the Power Box Squat may be the most important squat for track athletes...and how to safely, as well as correctly, do the movement!  



Learn what the Olympic Squat does better than any other form of "knee-bend!"  Unfortunately and if done incorrectly, the benefits are greatly minimized and the risk of injury is signicantly increased!




Bill Clark talks with students about Finding the correct path of life!  Bill mixes in feats of strength with his motivational speaking


Champions are rewarded in public for what they have been doing in private for years!  There is always a price to pay...for both success, and for failure!  If paying is not an option, you may as well be successful!



Here, Bill Clark is featured on a radio program!  The topics of conversation ranged from setting world records to lifting safely!



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