Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

Champions do the right thing, even when the wrong thing is happening!



The subconscious mind does not the difference between reality and fiction-train it well!



The average CNS can perform 10 quadrillion operations every second!  You have what it takes!



Bill Clark prepares to bend a 3/4" steel bar!



And, Bill Clark succeeds at bending the 3/4" bar!



Bill discusses the sacrifices that champions make!  There is always a price to pay...for both failure and success!



Bill Clark bending a motorcycle seat brace!



Bill Clark finishing off a steel motorcycle part bend



What you put into your mind will be what comes out when you are under pressure...feed it well!



Bill Clark working on the concept of proprioception at one of his seminars!



Bill Clark works on fine tuning a students deadlift at a recent seminar of his at SUNY.



Almost everyone has the potential to be incredible at something!  Are you willing to do what it takes?



Bill Clark shows evidence that the human mind is far superior to a high-end computer!  Everyone has the potential to be great



Bill Clark talks about life with some students at one of his motivational seminars!



Bill Clark tearing apart a commercial grade history review book.  Bill says that phone books are too easy!



Overview and Philosophy



Bill Clark has been involved in strength sports for nearly 40 years, and has climbed to incredible heights.  Bill is a former international medalist and champion in Olympic weightlifting, a state, national, and world record holder and champion, and was coached by legendary figures Don Reinhoudt, Dick Smith, Leo Totten, Bob Bednarski, Lee James, Larry Bucchioni, and Joe Gazdik.  Clark was selected to the US National Squad (under 23 at age 18),  and subsequently  spent several periods of years at both Olympic Training Centers in Lake Placid and Colorado Springs.  Bill also lifted for the York Barbell Club, and routinely trained there, as well.  Bill, at age 19, decided to make the move to Powerlifting, where he would eventually become state, national, and world champion.  Bill Clark has set world records in all three Powerlifts, and has also accomplished the same in a variety of strongman lifts, such as the Reverse Grip Curl and One Handed Deadlift!  Bill has been taught the same system of visualization and mind control, via the Olympic and Regional Training Centers, that other elite athletes and special forces use.  In fact, Bill, in part, credits his mental approach for much of the success that he has attained.  Bill Clark is a member of the New York State Strength Hall of Fame, and is, additionally, a nationally certified coach.  Bill conducts seminars, does motivational speaking, and engages in strength exhibitions where he bends steel bars, motorcycle parts, steel spikes, tears decks of cards, rolls up Paula Dean frying pans, and other things of the like!  Bill donates his time to a variety of charities and organizations, and desires, as a primary goal, to be a source of strength to the youth of both the community and the nation!


Seminars and Clinics

Bill believes that safe weightlifting is essential to the growth of the athlete.  Nearly every, if not every, top athlete in the world, in the pursuit of becoming his or her very best, engages in strength and power training.  Unfortunately, much of what happens in the weight rooms at schools, universities, and gyms across the nation is ineffective and, oftentimes, downright dangerous.  Bill Clark can assist you in developing safe and effective technical execution.  A famous athlete, several years ago, made the statement that no one sets world records without proper technique.  Bill is a perfect example of the truth of that philosophy.  Mr. Clark credits his coaches for teaching and reinforcing the techniques that allowed him to break and set nearly 30 world records!  Bill's seminars focus on the details of safety, and are built around his incredibly positive attitude.  Truthfully, attending a strength seminar by Bill Clark is a two for one deal, because one  gets the motivational aspect, as well. The Building a Championship Life  seminar series is ideal for schools that wish to build a sound athletic foundation in middle school aged students.  This program focuses on correct weightlifting technique, and only allows students to use PVC pipes or broomsticks.  The series also implements a variety of plyometric drills, flexibility training, a focus on central nervous system enhancement, and foot speed drills (much of this will be totally new to your coaches and students).   There are two ways to book Bill Clark for a seminar:


1)  If interested in the Building a Championship Life seminar series, please contact Broome -Tioga BOCES representatives Kathy Harasta or Nicole Waskie (Extended Classroom).  This program has been designed for schools, and includes 10 sessions with 20 students of the school's choice.  Once notified by BOCES, Mr. Clark will then contact the school to set up a schedule of meeting dates.  


2)  If interested in the Safe and Effective Weight Training for Athletes seminar and clinic, please contact Bill directly via email or phone (information included on this page).  This program has been designed for the institution that requests a one time appearance (although many schools book Bill for several appearances).  Seminars and clinics can range from 2-6 hours, depending upon the needs of the party.  Bill will be happy to work out the details with you, and gaurantees your satisfaction...Bill has a 100% rating from past clients, and will ensure your happiness, as well!

Motivational Speaking

Bill has two motivational programs, one for students and one for adults.  Although both share some common ground, the goals and objectives are quite different.


For Students:

The Building a Championship Life motivational talk is designed for students in the elementary, middle, or high school setting.  The speach begins with the fundamental question of whether or not the students have what it takes to be become champions.  Bill provides little known statistics and studies conducted by highly reputable organizations and universities.  These are, in and of themselves quite compelling, but Bill also shares his personal experiences, as well.  The combination of the two is more than impressive.  Mr. Clark pivots to a discussion on the traits of champions, and how they are built and not born, and then compares this building of a life to the construction of a house!  Mr. Clark helps students to realize that they don't have to be athletes to be champions, and calls upon his own experiences at the Olympic Training Center and as a Powerlifter to discusses how to handle failure and adversity, the importance of positive thinking (and step by step instructions on how to positively think), how to manage anxiety, the difference between talent and skill, why it is important to be able to visualize the end result, and so much more. Throughout the "speach," Bill resonates with the students, as he talks about his being bullied as a young boy, the death of his father, and his mother's fight against mental illness and depression.   Bill, upon request and at no extra cost, will aslo condust feets of strength.  Bill will gladly bend steel spikes, motorcycle parts, and steel bars, tear full decks of playing cards, and roll heavy duty, brand name and commercial frying pans into telescopes.  Bill used to lift cars at demenostrations,too, but the new bumpers are made of plastic and will tear off!


To have Bill speak at your school, please contact Kathy Harasta or Nicole Waskie at Broome-Tioga BOCES (Extended Classroom)


For Adults:

The     motivational talk is designed for adults in service oriented careers.  The program could be modified for those in business, but again, is geared toward those who have chosen the path of serving others.  The "speach" traces Bill's upbringing, the death of his father, his mother's fight with mental illness and depression, to his path to world records and the world championships.  Bill discusses how the difficulties of life actually helped to pave the way for future success, and how the timely and kind words of a stranger, his teachers, and coaches, actually helped him to press forward when it was tough to do so. Mr. Clark impresses upon those in attendance how blessed they are, and reveals the numerous opportunities they have to change the course of people's lives.   Bill reinvigorates service oriented professionals by helping them to appreciate themselves and all that they do.  Mr. Clark talks about how a lack of appreciation from those served, does not negate the actions associated with a true spirit of love, generosity, and kindness, and how that is its own reward.  Perhaps most importantly, Bill shares his personal experience of reaching the ultimate goal in athletics, only to realize, after receiveing a letter form a former student, how unimportant it really was.  Bill Clark believes that serving each other, only short to serving God, is the most important thing that we can do.  Mr.Clark's goal is to leave the audience with an understanding of how important they are to a succesful community, and that they are given numerous opportunities on a daily basis to do what was done for him!

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