Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

The Snatch

Set Up and Initial Pull



Initial Pull Continued



Middle Pull



Top Pull


Bar Reception



The Snatch


Set up:

*Your feet should be about shoulder width apart.

*Weight is slightly on the balls of your feet

*Shoulders should be over, or in front of, the bar.

*The hips should be higher than the knees

*look straight ahead


Initial Pull:

*Think of trying to push your feet through the floor, so that the bar and the hips rise together

*The arms should be straight

*Keep the bar as close to the shins as possible without scraping them.

*Clear the knees with the bar.

*The shoulders should still be over the bar



Middle Pull:

Bring the bar into the power position (where you would be if you were to jump)

*The arms should still be straight

*Your back is still locked, but the angle of your body has opened substantially.


Top Pull and Reception:

*Triple extend and shrug your shoulders

*Violently explode/jump

*The wrists should be turned inward

*The bar should be traveling as close to the body as possible (without making contact )

  • At the top of the pull, the elbows should be higher than the wrists
  • After fully extending and as the bar continues to rise, pull yourself under.
  • Simultaneously shuffle your feet to the side.
  • Quickly turn your wrists over and catch the bar behind your ears.  It should feel as though the bar were locked into a groove, and you should feel strong in supporting it there.  You will know when you have done it correctly!
  • Great care needs to be taken with this lift, so find a coach that knows how to both do it, and teach it!

*The Snatch is of great value to athletes in need of explosive strength and power, as it is the fastest movement in all of sports!

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