Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

The Deadlift

Set Up and Initial Pull



Initial Pull Continued



Middle Pull


Top Pull and Completion



The Deadlift


The Sumo Deadlift and the Conventional Deadlift both target the same muscle groups.  However and relative to both movements, these targets are more or less concentrated.  In the Sumo, there is greater emphasis on the muscles of the hips, whereas in the conventional, there is a greater emphasis on the hamstrings.  Having stated this, both styles of Deadlift will target your entire body, as well as the central nervous system.  This is the king of the strength lifts!!


Sep Up and Initial Pull:

*Position yourself as close to the bar as is possible, without making contact, and ensuring that, as you look down, the bar is at the halfway position of your feet.  This sets up the one of power!


*Squeeze the bar as tightly as possible

*Your shoulders should be in front of, or over, the bar.

*The hips should be higher than the knees

*Look straight ahead, not up, or down!

*Think about pushing your feet through the platform or floor, so that the bar and the hips rise together!  In this way, the Deadlift is really more of a push, or leg press, than it is a pull!



Middle Pull:

*The Deadlift, unlike the clean or snatch, follows, in its entirety, the contour of the body.

*Continue to drive with the legs, keeping the bar as close to the body as is possible without slowing the bar’s movement.

*At the exact moment that the bar clears the knees, violently drive and push the hips forward and through, thus extending them


Top Pull:

*Provided that you executed the hip thrust correctly, you should now be in a position to straighten your legs.  Straighten, but do not lock, your legs or knees.

*At the top and finished position, you should be straight. 

*Do not hyperextend the back and spine by leaning backward.  This used to be called a “lockout” in powerlifting, but has been, almost inclusive to all federations, deleted from the rulebook.  Standing up straight is the new, and much safer, lockout!




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