Propelling You to a Greater Future
Propelling You to a Greater Future

The Power Box Squat

1) Chest out and back locked.  Notice the line of power.  Feet are slightly pointed out (hips)


2) First to move are the hips.  The line of powet stays in tact, and weight is slightly on heels.


3) Line of power is still in tact.  Knees are well behind the toes, and weight is still slightly on heels.


4) Hips are now released and are no longer in contraction/flexion. The line of power is temporarilly sacrificed.  The knees are well behind the toes, and weight is distributed more on the heels of the feet.  The chest is still out and the back still locked!


5)  During the concentric phase (getting back up), the head is the first to move.  The lifter explosively stands out of the squat.  Knees are never locked, and the athlete remains tight!













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